Company Creed

There is an expression in Japanese, "Sekishin Keifuku (Sincere Happiness)", which signifies a state of "possessing a heart like that of a newborn, free from falsehood or deception, joyful and delighted by the happiness of oneself and others". This saying expresses the spirit of those who make pilgrimage to the shrine. As one walks on the road towards the Ise Grand Shrine, the pure feeling that arises brings about this faithful heart, and we can experience joy in the happiness of those as if it were our own. "Sekishin Keifuku" is the origin of our company and product name, Akafuku, as well as our company's creed.

The History of Ise and Akafuku

Ise is a place abundant with nature, surrounded by mountains, rivers and ocean. It has thrived as a town centered around the Ise Grand Shrine since long ago. During the Edo period (1603-1868 CE), there was a nationwide boom of mass pilgrimages to the Ise Grand Shrine, called the "Okage Mairi (Ise Jingu Pilgrimage) ". It is said that within a one year period during that time, 1/5 of the population were visiting Ise, which is why it was so bustling. Akafuku was established as a tea house during this prosperous time and has continued unchanged right by the Ise Grand Shrine.

We have continued providing hospitality both in the past and present to all those who visit the shrine.
Ise is said to be the "hometown of the Japanese soul". We are dedicated to continue providing service and cherishing Ise.

(Please refer to the Henokiens Association homepage timeline for the history.)